Urban World Series news of the week
  • The Gelek Gonzalez video “Former,” Claire Parks and – Jack Walsh winning the Havasu competition, Sergio Muñoz’s Madskateclass, the Dirty Zuin BMX Jam in Chile, and Daniil Aminov’s new video part are our TOP news of the week.
  • Welcome to Urban World Series News of the week for March 15, 2024.

Our first Urban World Series (UWS) news of the week for March 15, 2024, is Gelek Gonzalez’s video “Former.”

Where do we even begin? With that crazy curved backside noseslide, that drop to 50-50, the frontside nosebluntslide to nosemanual…? And more technical and aggressive lines mixed with an Ennio Morricone song! We love it!

The USA Scootering standings in Havasu were a success!

Jack Walsh, the Junior World Champion of Street 2023 at UWS MUS, won convincingly in the Park and Street categories for men.

Claire Parks, the World champion of Park 2023 at UWS MUS and winner of Extreme Barcelona 2023 also asserted her dominance and won in both Park and Street categories.

You can see the complete results for women, men, and Junior here

Urban World Series news of the week

MadRamps has emerged as a new haven for skateboarding enthusiasts. Under the direction of Sergio Muñoz, this indoor skatepark has become a gathering point for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels in the heart of Madrid.

Sergio Muñoz, a skateboarding legend from Madrid with over 20 years of experience, decided six years ago to channel his passion for skateboarding into teaching. He founded MadSkateClass and, in collaboration with Sergio Domínguez, brought MadRamps to life, the only indoor skatepark in the city center. Spanning 700 square meters, MadRamps offers a variety of modules designed for beginners, as well as specific areas for parents and children to enjoy together.

LA2028, get ready because the new generation of Spanish skateboarders is coming in strong!

The Dirty Zuin Jam is back, courtesy of Miki Fleck and Fernando Laczko, this time from the streets of Santiago de Chile. We love seeing all the talent out there. Check out what went down and keep your eyes peeled for more jams coming soon!

Filmed by Fernando Laczko.

We are proud to present the latest video featuring Daniil Aminov, filmed on the streets of Moscow by Kostya Kozlov. Get ready for some massive spots, a vast arsenal of tricks, and some serious carnage. The future looks bright for Daniil, enjoy!

Filmed and edited by: Kostya Kozlov.