Urban World Series news of the week – June 28, 2024: 1 month to Paris 2024, Lyon Street Jam v9, new BSD Mixtape, and more

Paris 2024
  • 1 month to Paris 2024, BSD Mixtape, Leonard Bometon wins Lyon Street Jam, ABECE vol.2 video and the new 12 indoor skatepark in Barcelona, are the Urban World Series TOP news of the week.
  • Welcome to Urban World Series News of the week June 28, 2024.
Paris 2024

Paris 2024 is coming

Time flies, less than a month to go until Paris 2024!

And Skateboarding, BMX and Breaking athletes are ready! We’ll see a lot of Urban World Seris pros competing there:

Skate: Natalia Muñoz (ESP), Roos Zwetsloot (NED), Richard Tury (SLO)  and Danny León (ESP

BMX: Kieran Reilley (UK), Queensaray & Lizsurley Villegas (COL) and Nikita Ducarroz (SWI)

Breaking: Bboy Menno (NED), BGirl Stefani (UKR) and BGirl Sissy (FRAN).

And manny, manny more. We can’t wait to see all of them killin in the city of love.

Tap play and enjoy: BSD Mixtape

“This is the latest team video from BSD.

Featuring: Alex Donnachie, Denim Cox, Sam Jones, Gaspar Guendulain, Reed Stark, Joe Foley, Antonio Smallwood, Thomas Roulston, Trent Lutzke, Guy Scroggie, Grant Yoobie, Jake Norris, Noah Huntzinger and Bora Altintas.

Filmed in Glasgow, Barcelona, Budapest, Tenerife and Cyprus.”

Lyon Street Jam v9

The local Leonard Bonetom won the overall jam and Kristian Albrecht, who recenlty made history conquering the Lyon 25 stairs spot, won the Best Trick award.

That last spot looks famiiliar, uh? That’s where Jakob Kloes won Urban World Series Street Clash Lyon last year!

Giovanni Vianna and his roots

Our good friend Giovanni Vianna is back representing his home, the ABC Region of São Paulo, Brazil where him and his friends started skating at.

ABC stands for the cities of Santo André, São Bernardo & São Caetano and is pronounced “ABECE” in Portuguese, hence the title.

Also featuring Raphael Soares, Wellington Oliveira, Giovanni Franzo, Leonardo Bodelazzi, Elias Batista, Kaue Cossa, Ricardo Alves, Mike Augusto

Filmed & Edited by Douglas Marques.”

New Hangar 12 indoor skatepark in Barcelona

A new indoor skate park facility is about to open in Corró De Vall (30 minutes from Barcelona). 

A fun box, resi, spines, wall rides, a lot of transfers and even more possibilities!