Lyon hosts the Street Clash second edition and it’s a BLAST!

  • The american rider Jakob Kloes takes the win with a such an epic ending at Foch, one of the main spots in Lyon.


  • 8 epic battles full of bangers, strategy and fun time. A second edition for the books


Street Clash lands in the French scootering epicenter, the city of Lyon to organize the second edition of this unique competition format. As in 2022 the first edition was a success in the streets of Barcelona, this 2023 the expectations are big for the second edition.

The most famous game of scoot online contest it’s been an upgrade from the first edition. New city, new spots and some of the best street scooter riders of the world. 
Matis Neyround, Jacob Kloes, Jonathan Perroni, Arnaud Andrés, Pol Román, David Senkyr, Joel Ingold and Indy Clayson.

The 8 selected top riders have been take part of the contest in three locations that has been used as a field of play for the three stages of the contest: Quarterfinals (Ghetto Spot), Semifinals (La Doua Campus) and Finals (Foch)

Street Clash also counted with a top tier staff to make the competition as fair and legit as possible. Judges like Charles Padel, Maxime Bouzid, Boris Germain and Remy Sojah have been the official referees of the head to head battles.

Now you can find a small summary about the second edition of Street Clash!

Ghetto Spot: techtricks and rain

Quarterfinals were located in the famous diy ghetto spot, a perfect place full of features: ledges, rails, banks and some other stuff. 

The 4 quarter finals battles took place in this spot. Starting with the first battle between the aussie Joel Ingold and David Senkyr, both played such a fun and quite long battle with many tricks replied from both sides. Joel took the win using some of his hidden special tricks like the fakie ride heelwhip.

Second battle was stop by a massive rain, the contest was stopped for 4 hours till staff and riders went to dry the spot and continue with the quarterfinals. So, Jacob vs Indy, US vs Uk, the battle was epic and fun. Indy tried to deal with the tech moves from mr. Kloes but the american rider is a step forward and their tricks were impossible to reply.

Third quarterfinal, Pol Roman vs Jonathan Perroni…what to say. One of the most talented riders vs one of the most creative riders, the show was served. Pol put some letters on Pepe with some moves unknown for everyone instead of mr. Roman like the feeble oversmith icepick 180 out, but Pepe and his power tricks like the double whip hurricane double heel whip out can beat anyone and Pol was defeated at the end.

Last quarter finals battle, Matis Neyroud vs Arnaud Andrés. Arnaud tried to play against the swiss machine but flips and long combos were hard to beat and Matis took the win after some letters exchange between the two riders.

La Doua, rails and bangers:

The two semifinals had a new location, the Lyon’s main university campus also known as La Doua. New location, new spots, new features and two semifinals that turned into a banger fights.

First of the two semifinals was one of the most epic battles from this edition of the Street Clash: Jacob Kloes vs Joel Ingold. Both tried their best in the different features. Joel landed first try a hardway bs 270 board on the handrail, such a banger for a game of scoot contest.

Joel finally took the win on the last letter landing some heavy tricks like the full untwist fingerwhip and the fingerwhip bar on the stair set. 

Second semifinal was a battle of titans, Pepe and Matis, both with their bunch of unrepliable bangers and also with an unseen tech capacity.

Matis tried to beat Pepe in the handrail but the french magician survived the challenge replying the backside crook 180 out.

Then was time for the tech tricks and Pepe beat Matis with some heavy moves like the Double whip fs feeble 360 heel out and fs smith oppo bri flip out.
The final was settled up: Jacob or Pepe?

How to end a contest, by Jacob Kloes:

Foch, the emblematic spot in Lyon, epicenter of the scootering french scene was the perfect background for the Street Clash final, but before the final we need a third place winner so we will start with this battle.

Matis and Joel battled hard for the bronze medal. Both were as committed as Joel tried backflip fakie in the rough Foch quarterpipe.

Matis took the battle win and also the third place of the contest, being for the second time in a row into the podium.

And now the final battle, the last fight in Lyon, US vs France, Kloes vs Perroni.

Both riders were trying huge tricks at the beginning of the battle and soon the winning feelings went on Jacob’s side, he was focused, he was committed, he was on fire!.

Pepe landed some nice tricks like the smith 540 bar out and the whip front 50 fingerwhip out but was not enough to take the win. Jacob was first with a perfect combination between style, tech and bangers. 

We still cannot forget the epic ending of the battle with a massive inward all the way into the double set gap. Such a hammer to win the battle and take the overall win.

Second Street Clash it’s a wrap and we just can say merci a tous!

See ya on the third edition.

When? 2024

Where? Soon you’ll know