Urban World Series news of the week – June 14, 2024: Evgeny for Free video part, Ksenia Poltoraka double flair, Largest skatepark in Canary Islands, and more

  • Evgeny for Free video part, Ksenia Poltoraka is the first female to double flair, Jordan Clark wins The Backyard Jam, Largest skatepark in Canary Islands and XVII Generation Crew conquers Get Down Lyon, are the Urban World Series TOP news of the week.
  • Welcome to Urban World Series News of the week June 14, 2024.

Evgeny for Free video part

Get ready for a 4:11 hallucinogenic trip full of creativity on the hardest spots in Barcelona.

Evgeny Nikolaev is a legend.

What a time to be alive!

Ksenia Poltoraka is the first female to double flair on a Scooter!

The Scootering scene reacted with enthusiasm commenting in her instagram post:

Alexandra Madsen: Pretty sure that’s the biggest double flair I have seen anyone do out of everyone.”

Lucy Evans: “WTFFFF that’s incredible!”

Ohlay Brand:ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Couldn’t be any happier to see this, massive congratulations @its.pka_ – keep pushing the limits!”


Aguina is building the largest skatepark in the Canary Island

With an area of 3,279 m2, there will be three different skating areas, a skateplaza, a bowl and a flow park, designed for different user groups depending on their level, but perfectly connected to each other by transition ramps that will provide continuity and a sense of the whole.

The skateplaza will integrate urban elements -curbs, rails, stairs or benches- that will serve as obstacles for performing tricks, within the street skateboarding modality.

In the bowl or ramp, different heights and depths will be interspersed for a more radical practice. The flow park, on the other hand, will have curves and transitions of lower heights and will allow experiences closer to surfing.

Designed by Daniel Yábar and built by Copin Ramps.

Another BMX win for Jordan Clark!

The Backyard Jam has a new champion: Jordan Clark.

The multiple time Scootering World Champion conquered the comp with a perfect run: triple tailwhip, 360 double tailwhip, front flip, flair tailwhip, and more!

Jack Watts was 3nd and Shaun Gornall 3rd.

In Women category, Sasha Pardoe (8th in Extreme Barcelona 2023), Elsa Rendall and Holly Poe completed the podium.

XVII GENERATION crew wins Get Down Lyon

Bboy Grazy, Bboy Clav, Mery Berry, Johnny Fox and Bboy Nerup won the contest in an amazing venue in Lyon, France.