Epic 15th Anniversary for Extreme Barcelona with Record Attendance

Extreme Barcelona, the legendary extreme urban sports event, culminated its 15th anniversary edition in triumphant fashion with a record attendance of 32,500 attendees throughout the weekend.

From the outset, the atmosphere at Extreme Barcelona 2023 was electric. The event featured a wide range of activities and urban entertainment, including a Markets area offering not only interesting products, but also a music scene that perfectly matched the dynamic atmosphere of the event by Stalow.

The highlight of Extreme Barcelona 2023 was undoubtedly the intensity and excitement that permeated all the competitions. With the audience devoted to every trick and jump, the adrenaline was at its peak as the athletes performed their acrobatics in BMX, Skateboarding and Scootering, as well as on the Urban Stage, where the Spanish Breaking Championship had hundreds of spectators in suspense.

The 15th Anniversary of Extreme Barcelona attracted a large audience eager to witness Breakdancing, which will become a new Olympic sport in Paris 2024. More than 100 athletes competed in various categories, with notable victories including Bboy Amor in Under 21, Bgirl Miniali in Bgirl Youth, and Bboy Samuel in Kids and Junior. The outstanding BGirl Lola won the Spanish Breaking Championship and won a place at the World Championships in Belgium.

In the BMX finals, Teresa Fernandez impressed by placing second in BMX UCI C1 WOMEN, competing against Olympic athletes. She won the Spanish Freestyle BMX Women’s Championship and moved closer to her dream of competing at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The exciting Skate and Scooter finals in the Street Plaza thrilled the crowd. Despite the heat, the skaters put on an impressive show, with Danny Leon being hailed for his performance. The Scooter Street finals also attracted numerous professionals, with Jonathan Perroni as champion.

The Street finals of Scootering Women, BMX Men, ParaBMX and Skateboarding Women were contested on Sunday. Highlights included the Terol sisters in Skateboarding Women and Justin Dowell in BMX Park Men.

Adapted sport surprised the crowd, with Jack Dumper winning in Para BMX, backed by Project 111 and 360bs.

Central Park hosted most of the World Skate Scootering Pro Tour finals, with standout winners including Harriet Portugal and Jordan Clark. The Scootering competition paid tribute to Fernando Perez-Mañanet, with Jordan Clark taking the top prize.

In addition to the competitions, the event featured music and activities in the Parc del Forum, including Stalow Fest and basketball games organised by Ball In and Basket 3×3 Caixabank. There were also cash4tricks sponsored by Movistar, where participants showed off their best tricks on Skate, Scooter and BMX to win cash.

The 15th Anniversary of Extreme Barcelona was a success, consolidating its position as an event rooted in the city of Barcelona and showcasing five Olympic urban sports that will be highlighted at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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