Scootception: 1 rider, 1 park and 100 minutes to perform a firing run

  • Scootception is a new competitive scootering format launched by Urban World Series

  • Some of the best talent battled against the clock to show why they are benchmark in the scootering scene

We made it again. New original contest is been just launched today. Scootering has a new concept to enjoy and participate.

The format is very simple: 1 single rider alone in the park and 100 minutes to perform their best run in between 45 and 90 seconds. 

The selected location is the new Dosrius skatepark, a village 45 mins far from Barcelona and they just created one of the best parks in the catalan region. It’s been built by Vulcano Skateparks.

The contenders.

We are very happy about the roster for the first ever Scootception contest. Very talented athletes and very different styles and kinds of riding. It’s going to be a very tied competition and the decisions won’t be easy.


Official Scootception Lineup.

This contest has two winners:

Best line winner, a contest you can watch and follow in the official Scootception page. The results for the overall win will come from the picks from our two official judges: Pol Román and Ruben Rodriguez. The third judge is the fan voting, so you all can decide in part who will take home the 2.000€ prize purse. (voting system is very simple, just click the link, watch the videos and vote for your fav)

Voting system:
– Pol Román 33.33%
– Rubén Rodríguez: 33.33%
– Fan Voting: 33.33%

Video release and fan voting starts on Thursday 19 Oct and will end on 31 Oct. 

Remember there’s an extra prize for the overall best trick of the contest. This bonus contest will take place in the official Ohlay IG. So stay tuned because we have a 400€ prize purse for this best trick.

We want to shout out to the sponsors which are supporting this contest and making it possible. Centrano,, Drone, Hella Grip, Native, Proto and Skatepro.

Thanks guys for being a part of Scootception.