Guifré Obradors, runner-up in the Scootering World: “You risk everything in one minute and anything can happen”

· The rider from Navas shares his passion for Scootering with high-level competition.

· One of the best Spanish riders who will compete in the World Championship in Rome this summer.

Today we talk with Guifré Obradors, runner-up in the world of Scootering.

In recent years, Scootering has raised the option of becoming an Olympic sport and thus fulfilling a dream for many athletes. Finally, it has not been confirmed for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games, for Guifré: “I didn’t have much hope either because it is years away and we will see because it is very far away.” At 22 years old he focuses on “going street and flowing, like most of us who ride scooters.”

Guifré was born with a scar on the retina of his eyes, which caused him a low vision problem that makes it difficult for him to distinguish people or modules when they are far away. In the park, he has difficulty seeing the modules when he has them far away. But this has never been an impediment to becoming the runner-up in the Scooter world, in the Street modality, in the Urban World Series MUS 2023. He has also been Spanish champion for three consecutive years, becoming the most outstanding Spanish rider and with more options for the next world championship to be held in Rome.

His career in the world of competition began in 2019, in a championship on the Catalonia circuit where he was offered to join the national team. Since then, he competes internationally under the structure of the Spanish team with which he also does training prior to competitions.

The rider combines the scooter with training in the gym and physiotherapy sessions to achieve more mobility and prevent injuries, especially focused on the knees, which is the part that suffers the most when practicing this sport.Guifré would like to dedicate himself to the world of video and recording. At the moment he combines the competition with going to record tricks on the street: “lately I’ve been more interested in going out and recording street tricks with friends in Barcelona”, Guifré explains about the video part that he is doing with other riders.

In addition to his video part project, he is preparing for the next world championship: “They have shown us photos of what it will be like and it is the same one where the SLS skate competition was held,” explains Guifré about the circuit where it will be held. in Rome. There he will face other athletes such as Lucas Di Meglio, current world champion. “You have a park that is as if it were duplicated, it is split in half and you can pull from one side to the other as if it were a mirror,” he adds about the skatepark in Rome.

This year they organized a trip with several friends to go skating in Morocco, “we went this year and organized as a competition in memory of a boy who lived in Catalonia who died”, explains Guifré about one of the most important trips they made together with other riders and adds that “This summer we plan to go to Albania or Berlin.”

We hope to see Guifré competing and winning in Urban World Series events soon!