Gin Woo Onodera “My next goal is to skateboard in space! We’re going to do an infinite flip in space.”

Gin Woo
  • With only 14 years old, he’s currently in 1st position in the World Skate ranking for Paris 2024 and won 2013 X Games Japan.
  • We talk with tha Japanese kid Gin Woo Onodera, Extreme Barcelona 2022 silver medalist and probably the most promising skateboarder in the World.

Cristian Dedeu Van den Berg

Urban World Series Comm team – Social Media & Content Manager

Gin Woo
Photo: World Skate
  • How are you, Gin Woo? First of all, congratulations for the silver medal at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Shanghai! 

    Thank you!

    Nothing changes the situation , I love skating, as always.

  • We met you a couple years ago in the Urban World Series Extreme Barcelona 2022 when you won Silver. Next year you got the Gold in X-Games Japan’s 2023 and now you are in first position at the World Skate Skateboarding ranking for Paris 2024. 

    What’s your next goal?

    My next goal is to skateboard in space! We’re going to do an infinite flip in space.

Gin Woo
Extreme Barcelona 2022
  •  Japan is at the top in world sport, in skateboarding, Breaking and other modalities. 

    What’s the secret? What do you eat in japan? haha

    Of course, the secret is to eat sushi!?! Hahaha.

    I always eat Kunugiya’s wonton soup, it’s super delicious. 

    The best food ever for my skate life!

  •  What would you say to the younger Gin Woo who’s just starting in the Skateboarding World?

    Skating is super fun, right? Just keep pushing with fun!

    But it was extremely hard up until elementary school.

  • Favorite place to skate?

    Anywhere in the World is good.

    Spain is a country where skateboarding looks great. Very kind people and beautiful and historic townscape. I love it, also.

    MACBA is my favorite place. I’ve a lot of good memories with the Jart team.

  • Who’re your bigger inspirations? In Skateboarding, and also in sport and life.

    Every skater has a different style and way of thinking, which I find all appealing and I respect them all.

Gin Woo
Extreme Barcelona 2022 podium with Angelo Caro (1st) and Gin Woo Onodera (2nd)

Thank you Gin Woo, big hug and good luck in Budapest!

We hope to see you soon in Urban World Series.