The Shanghai Olympic Qualifier Series is over. Next stop, Budapest!

Olympic Qualifier Series

· Rayssa Leal, Jagger Eaton, Arisa Trew and Tate Carew claimed the top spots in Skateboarding, and Anthony Jeanjean and Sun Sibei in BMX. BBoy Hiro & Ayumi Fukushima are the champs in Breaking at the Shanghai Olympic Qualifier Series.

· Next stop: Budapest June 20-23 

olympic qualifier series

The 1st Olympic Qualifier Series for Paris 2024 was held in Shanghai, China. Paris 2024 is approaching and athletes are trying to give their best and get their last points to be there, represent their country and fighting to bring a medal back home.

Skateboarders, BMXers, Breakers and Climbers put on a great show!

Skateboarding: After the last stop of World Skate stop in Dubai, Shanghai became the penultimate chance for skateboarders to get their Olympic points.

Park was conquered by Arisa Trew (AU) and Tate Carew (USA), and in Street category, 1st Rayssa Leal (BRA) and Jagger Eaton (US), who also got bronze in Park. What an amazing athlete!

The competition, held from 16 to 19 May, saw some of the world’s best male and female skateboarders battle it out in the Street and Park courses.

Notable mention goes to Spain’s Danny León and Alain Kortabitarte in Park, and Afrika Criado and Natalia Muñoz in Street, whose great performance unfortunately fell short of qualifying for the finals.

On the other hand, we send a lot of strength and a big hug to Naia Laso, who got injured in her clavicle during training.

In BMX: Frenchie Anthony Jeanjean conquered the top of the podium, followed by Logan Martin (AU) and Extreme Barcelona and MUS 2022 winner, Mr. Triple Flair, Kieran Reilly (UK).

In Women category: the Chinese imposed the law and gave the local public a 100% autochthonous podium: 1. Sibei Sun, 2. Jiaqi Sun (MUS 2023 champion) and 3. Yawen Deng.

We’re sure that the Head Coach of Team China, our good friend Daniel Dhers, is happy!

The event also saw commendable efforts from the finalists and Urban World Series winners, Nikita Ducarroz (CH), Ivet Miculycova (CZ) and Queensaray Villegas (COL).

And also, the Spanish Teresa Fernández-Miranda, whose participation added to the diversity and competitiveness of the event, although she fell short of qualifying for the finals.

Breaking, a Japan thing!

Gold medal for Ayumi Fukushima, silver for Ami Yuasa and bronze for B Girl Riko (MUS 2023 champ), all of them from Japan.

And in B Boy category: Goldie and 50 Olympic points for Lee The Ruggeds from Netherlands, silver for B Boy Lithe-ing and bronze for B Boy Hiro (also MUS 2023 champ).

With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on the horizon, the excitement and anticipation continue to build as the world’s best athletes prepare to showcase their skills on the biggest stage of all.

Next stop: Budapest!