Anxo Barro “Breaking will show its most spectacular side in Paris 2024. We don’t know the impact it will have on the public, but I’m sure the World will be delighted.”

Breaking in Paris
  •  Founder of Spain’s first Breaking club, Today, Technical director of the national team and the competition manager for official Spanish competitions.
  • We talk with Anxo Barro, Urban World Series Breaking coordinator, before heading to Budapest OQS.

Cristian Dedeu Van den Berg

Urban World Series Comm team – Social Media & Content Manager

Breaking in Paris
  • What’s up, Anxo? How are you?

Lately, I’ve been quite busy with the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games. We just arrived from the OQS Shanghai, and our last stop, this month, is Budapest… so let’s go!

  • Who is Anxo Barro? Tell us a bit about you, where are you from, your beginnings in Breaking, your projects, etc.

I’m from Galicia, in northwest Spain. My journey in dance began in the summer of 2004, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of celebrating 20 years in Breaking at the Paris Olympic Games with the Spanish Breaking Team. Over the years, I competed with renowned crews like Faka Crew, Black Shadows, and Flava Brothers. Unfortunately, injuries cut my competitive career short, but that setback led me to a new role as a breaking coach and founder of Spain’s first Breaking club. Today, I serve as the technical director of the national team and the competition manager for official Spanish competitions.

Breaking in Paris
  • You are also a Military Sports Trainer. Tell us more about it!.

I’m a sports enthusiast and I am lucky to be able to combine my 2 passions. Every morning, I train recruits at a military school who aspire to join the Spanish Navy. To become military, they must pass rigorous physical tests, and my role is to prepare them to succeed.

This forces me to be in shape, every week I run an average of 40 km without counting all the push-ups and burpees I do with the students. It really feels like in the movies!

  • The Budapest Olympic Qualifier Series is the last chance for Xak, are there still possibilities for him to be in Paris 2024?

Xak is one of the best bboys in the world right now. His result in Shanghai was not the best but if he has shown Xak anything it is that he is a warrior. Last year he won a bronze in the European championship held in Almería, he has shown that he can reach the highest levels and I am convinced that he will not give up. This is really going to generate a lot of expectation but he has his feet on the ground, he knows that in the OQS all the rivals are heavy but he also knows that he is too. The dance floor will be on fire in Budapest.

  • Breaking will be in the Olympics for the first time in Paris 2024, an amazing achievement! But it will not be in LA 20208, what happened? 

    What’s your opinion about this?

It was disappointing to hear that breaking will not be part of the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. This news took everyone by surprise. Breaking will show its most spectacular side in Paris, and we don’t know the impact it will have on the public, but I’m sure the world will be delighted.

This decision is surprising given the rise of urban sports and the efforts made by the IOC after adapting to new generations, and creating events that combine sports with urban culture such as the Olympic Qualifier Series.

I am confident that in Paris, we will witness an unprecedented level of competition. The best bboys and bgirls have been preparing for this for four years, supported by federations, brands, and coaches that previously didn’t exist. This marks a breaking point moment that will elevate the sport dance.

For now, breaking will be included in the World Games next year and the Youth Olympic Games in Dakar 2026. I hope it will soon return to the Olympic program.

  • How’s the Breaking Spanish scene? And its future? We’ve seen a lot of big talents in our Urban World Series events!

The Spanish breaking scene has experienced a revival as the dance evolves into a recognized sports discipline. While this transformation won’t alter the cultural essence of breaking, it does professionalize its practitioners and enhances how it’s taught to new generations. Thanks to events organized by the Urban World Series, we’ve witnessed the rise of talented bboys and bgirls like Lola, Amor, Mini Ali, Camino, Samuelf, Lukas, Dylan… who I believe they will have significant success in the world of breaking very soon.

  • What would you say to the younger Anxo who’s just starting in the Breaking World?

Wow! This question is difficult!

If you had told me back then that breaking would be in the Olympic Games, I wouldn’t have believed it. And if you told me I’d be coordinating the Spanish team, that would have seemed even more impossible. 

My advice? Enjoy the journey! Breaking, like many urban sports, offers an incredible lifestyle, filled with unforgettable experiences and amazing people to share them with.

  • Who’re your bigger inspirations? In Breaking, and also in sport and life.

    I think if we talk about Breaking, Extremo was an inspiration for my entire generation. These days, Xak has a background that could write a book about never stopping believing in yourself. 

    Outside Breaking, while athletes often get the spotlight, we should also look the impact of coaches. Personally, Toni Nadal is someone from whom you can learn a lot.

    But in life, my inspiration comes from any story of personal transformation. 

Thank you, dude! See you soon in Urban World Series.