UWS news of the week – February 16, 2024

UWS News of the week
  • Paris 2024 medals, Brady Baker wins BMX Triple Challenge, BGirl Solid & BBoy Jet Leg 2024 Breaking champs of Italy, Julien Arteaga joins Cinema BMX & BALLS0600 video ft. Jack Walsh, Kai Martin & Max Androsko are our TOP news of the week.

  • Welcome to Urban World Series News of the week February 16, 2024.

UWS News of the week

The first UWS News of the week is Gold, silver and bronze!:

The Olympic Games medals at Paris 2024 will have a little bit of France in them. BMXers, Skateboarders, Breakers and all the athletes, Olympics orParalympics, of the other modalities, will try to bring home one of these beauties.

Eevery medal will be a souvenir of their victory and apiece of the most symbolic monument in the city of love: a few grams of the Eiffel Tower!

From Paris 2024 Instagram:

“An Olympic and Paralympic medal is the holy grail for all athletes, the crowning achievement that rewards a total devotion to their sport, a dream come true.This medal is the most precious of all souvenirs, because it is eternal. For the return of the Games to Paris after 100 years, we wanted to breathe new life into this unique symbol.

The Olympic and Paralympic medals for @paris2024 embody Paris, the City of Light. This is their story.

Join Benoît Verhulle, head of @chaumetofficial’s High Jewelry workshop and Clémentine Massonat, head of @chaumetofficial’s design, to discover this captivating story.”

UWS News of the week

Glendale in California, U.S., was the BMX capital of the World last weekend, where the BMX Triple Challenge Big Air contest was held.

Brady Baker took the win, Daniel Sandoval was 2nd (and won Best Trick) and Ryan Williams, the 2022 champ, was 3rd.

Brady did a perfect run full of crazy combos, including a gnarly Cashroll Whip! He’s only 20 years old and is on fire, he also won XGames BMX Dirt 2023. The future of BMX is solid and bright!

UWS News of the week

The Italian kings of Breaking were crowned last weekend in the beautiful city of Florence.

BGirl Solid & Bboy Jet Leg won in BGirl & Bboy in Stazione Leopoldo, an ancient railway station and now a nice location for events, fashion shows, exhibitions and fairs.


Simone Arasi – Jet Leg

Luca D’Antonio – Amaro

Mattia Zerlotin – Mattix


Giovanna Fontana – Solid

Agnese Quinti – Agne

Giulia Guidi – Bgirl Raike

UWS News of the week

The new Scootering generation is doing good! Here’s a proof:

Jack Walsh’s newest video filmed alongside Kai Martin & Max Androsko in San Diego, U.S.. Capturing good memories cruising the streets and hitting good spots.

All three are well known by Urban World Series audience: Jack Walsh won the 2023 Scootering World Championship in Junior Street and 2nd in Park at UWS Madrid Urban Sports, won the 2023 Extreme Barcelona Cash4Tricks in Plaça Universitat. Kai Martin won Junior Street and Max Androsko was 3rd in Extreme Barcelona 2023.

“Cinema BMX is proud to officially welcome Julian Arteaga to the Pro Team! Teaming up with Trent Lutzke to film a welcome piece throughout Texas, we’re excited to release this latest piece of progressive, technical, and stylish street riding from Julian and properly welcome him to the stacked crew that make up the Cinema BMX team. A lot more to come, stay tuned in!”

Film & edit by Trent Luzke, who recently was part of Urban World Series new online contest, BMX On A Mission with Grant Yoobie. Watch their entry video here.