UWS Top 3 Videoparts of the summer

Top 3 videoparts
  • Shecks is back in the game and released a signature bangers video part


  • Fleck and Ravelo, always giving mind blowing content, reached a new level with their latest releases.

Three sports and three iconic riders are our selected video parts of the summer. A busy summer in terms of new content and video releases it’s hard to pick only three parts from the overall but from UWS we honestly decide these three deserve an honorable mention for it’s hard work in the streets.

Filming a video part is such a long time effort for the riders, lot of weeks, months and even years of footage end up as a 5-10 mins video where usually the spectator cannot know or see how hard is to bring these content to them. We just can say congrats to these three for the hard work.

Shecks is back and the videopart is just a bomb!

Ryan Sheckler is one of the early 2000s skateboarding icons, he was one of the young stars who pushed skateboarding for more than a decade and after some years in the shadows he is back with an impressive video part. Lifer is such a Shecks signature video: crazy big spots, full speed tricks and some bangers.

We can’t stop rewatching this video part, with some Barcelona spots included on it. Barcelona is a must on every single video part. 

Three years and a foot injury took Shecks to film this video part. This is a self success proof about Ryan and his love for the sport. This is skateboarding!

Miki Fleck is a video part factory

The bmx rider based in Barcelona is such a factory of video parts, he is releasing content almost monthly and his last video part is called Mapteo.
Mapteo is a word related to the concept of mapping cities to find and locate all the spots. Video filmed and edited by one of our media team Matteo Mencuccini.

Miki shows his personal pov of the spots, always riding in a different creative way and showing also many heavy tricks and bangers in some spots mostly filmed in Barcelona and some many locations around the city. Wallrides. long grinds and some impossible combos fit in a very consistent video part.

Good job bro!

Ravello is a beast and you know it

What to say about Carlos Ravelo a.k.a. Hawa. This guy is crazy and el Hawaiano is the heaviest scooter video part released this summer so far. 

Scary huge spots combined with very nice tech moves in some rails define this content. A content you cannot miss even if you’re not an scooter fan.

We can define this video part in three words: Talent, style and NUTS.

Video produced by another friend of the UWS family and also pro scoot athlete Mr. Ivan Jimenez with a clean editing in this part.

Congrats boyz