UWS news of the week – May 10, 2024

Strata film
  • STRATA video by Grey Skate Mag, Bercy skatepark in Paris is demolished, Ivan Monteiro wins Far’N High, ROXANA – Fă rai din ce ai Project and “Obsession” French based film are our TOP news of the week.
  • Welcome to Urban World Series News of the week May 10, 2024.

Grey Skatemag releases “Strata video” a true work of art

Our first Urban World Series news of the week May 10 of 2024, is “Strata” film by Grey Skate Mag. 

Are they skating in the moon, or whats?!

A film by Jim Craven in which Element riders Leon-Charo Tite, James Ojanen, Kukka Suvioja and Phil Zwijsen skate respectfully on rocks on the island of Gozo.

Rocks, sea and a beautiful landscape that forms a kind of unique quarts and pyramids. The video is a work of art that combines nature with skateboarding, in an incredible connection and fascinating landscape never seen before.

Ivan Monteiro wins Far’n High 2024

Ivan Monteiro wins the Far’N High 2024 for the second time in three years and obtains the ticket for Tampa Am.

The Brazilian skater has an impeccable style combined with very technical tricks, with very solid rounds in all the competitions that makes him always in the first positions. One of the most impressive tricks he did was a 360flip frontside noseblund on the downhill rail.

We saw a lot of level with skaters like Carlos Iqui, Mauro Iglesias, or Max Berguin. Some of the best skaters in the world were in the city of Paris demonstrating a high level all weekend.

“OBSESSION” French based Scootering film

“We’re proud to present a new French based film: “OBSESSION” to represent their motivation & the fact of never giving up. Filmed over 5 months traveling to several cities in France from Agen, Toulouse, Cahors, Castres & more in search of new spots. Get ready for some heavy riding, good times & a refreshing selection of music. Enjoy.”

ROXANA ‘Fă rai din ce ai’ film 

Dolores Magazine and Studio Milagros presents its new project: ROXANA ‘Fă rai din ce ai’ film. 

Premieried last Thursday May 9th in Barcelona at @workspaceinprogress.

Roxana is one of the most talented transition female riders in Europe and she’s also judge in Urban World Series events.

We can’t wait to see it already!

The mythical Bercy skatepark in Paris is demolished 

One of the most legendary skateparks in the World have disappeared.

“This month (April) sees the “provisional” closure of the “provisional” Bercy skatepark, which is destined to become a storage space for the Olympics (nice future). Yes, it’s getting hard to keep up, but we’re hanging in there. To date, the current modules have not yet been repatriated, but the CDRS (Paris roller and skate committee) is looking for a buyer, ideally in Paris. The park has therefore been inaccessible since April 15.”