UWS news of the week – February 23, 2024

UWS News of the week
  • Florideah Swampfest 2024, Chris Farris retires from professional Scootering, pure madness, Vilassar (BCN) skatepark expansion Max Berguin wins French Regional Championship and Saveliy Kek video part for Hellride are our TOP news of the week.

  • Welcome to Urban World Series News of the week February 23, 2024.

UWS News of the week

Florideah Swampfest 2024 has been insane! Once again, has shown that is one the craziest contests in the planet. 

A giant pirate ship, rain, mud, fire, blood, beer, motorcycles, crocodiles and fireworks, all seasoned with insane BMX and Skateboarding riding.

Our friend and ParaBMX pro Julian Molina was there, and of course left his foodprint in this Mad Max version of an urban sports event.

We f*cking love it!

U.S. Scootering athlete Chris Farris announced via instagram that he retires from professional Scootering and will focus on the next chapter of his life:

“I had a wild ride in the competition world but that chapter has come to an end. Most of you only know me as a competitor and I’m excited to show you what I can do in the streets and on screen.

I’m training now to become an electrician, I’m excited and hungry to start something new but these moments will always live in my memory and trust me when I say I have a lot more to offer. But I wont lie, it’s a relief to wake up in the same bed every morning.

You guys are awesome and I love you all. Thank you for following my career and if you choose to stick around for the next chapter.. well.. thank you for that too 🖤.”

UWS News of the week

Chris got the 12th place at 2023 Scootering World Championship in UWS MUS & 10TH at 2021 World Champs in Extreme Barcelona 2021, 10th in Extreme Barcelona 2023 final, 12th at EB 2018 final and 1st in FISE 2023.

All the best for you, Chris!

UWS News of the week

Vulcano Skateparks is back at it with the mission of doing some of the funniest skateparks around Spain and Europe. Now, they’re busy with the extension of Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona) skatepark.

A big bowl, quarters, curbs, banks and more coming soon in another fun park by the Vulcano team.


“We’re proud to present Saveliy Kek’s newest video filmed over the past 6 months in the streets of Moscow. Get ready for some unbelievable riding, massive rails, drops & serious power. Saveliy is so gnarly, enjoy. “

UWS News of the week

Max Berguin took the win at the 2024 French Regional Championship last weekend in skatepark Biarritz.

Max got the 3rd place in Urban World Series Madrid Urban Sports 2022, with Colombian Jhank Gonzánlez in 1st place and Peruvian Angelo Caro in 2nd.