UWS news of the week – May 17, 2024: Dylan Morrison Story video, Lizzie Armanto Mag cover and more.

dylan morrison
  • Dylan Morrison Story, Gandía new skate park, Kasso, Lizzie Armanto cover and The Dutch Breaking Championships, are our TOP news of the week.
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Ohlay Brand presents a new 25-minute documentary: “The Dylan Morrison Story.”

About the life and career of Dylan Morrison, one of the scootering legends of all time. In the video we can see the first time he met Travis Pastrana, how he got knocked out and learned 900 styles, won contests, achieved triple backflips and all the emotions along the journey.

Dylan won the Best Trick final back in Extreme Barcelona 2015.

Copin Ramps opens a ramp skatepark in Gandia.

A brutal main bowl, one of the largest you can find, with a multitude of heights and transitions. In total it has three bowls, for all levels, perfect for progressing on the ramp. It has a very attractive design, with an elevated walkway that crosses the skatepark. Located in Ríos de Corella square, perfect for skateboard, BMX, scooter and rollers.

Lizzie Armanto on the cover of issue #10 of Dolores Magazine.

A moment captured on a sunny day on Lizzie’s private pink Long Beach property ramp, and photographed by Raissa Abal.

Lizzie Armanto, one of the most legendary skateboarders, known for a long career and triumphs in competition and participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. One of those triumphs was gold at the X Games in Barcelona 2013.


This skateboarding reality show has millions of viewers from all over the world. A never-before-seen program where Japanese skaters have to complete the circuits of the program from the same production company and style as Ninja Warriors. The prize if they win: 1 million yen. To do this they have to complete the three circuits video game style. The tests are very technical and combine speed, tricks, balance and obstacles to overcome.

A show that you cannot miss, much less if you are a skater, because you will be amazed at what these skaters are capable of doing.

The Ruggeds win The Dutch Breaking Championship

The Ruggeds Breaking crew have won The Dutch Breaking Championship 2024 last week in Eindhoven. 

Papa Bakroe  won in Xjam, @futureasns & @steenkoernerstudio in Planet Pop’N and @liam.udc in Open Your Mind category.