Urban World Series sponsors the 2023 Scootering Trick Of The Year

– Urban World Series gives support to the trick of the year, organized by Ohlay

– With more than 64M reach in 2022, the online contest is one of the most important moments in the international Scootering scene


One of the key moments of the year in scootering just started this week and is the 2023 Trick of the Year.
Hundreds of riders around the world join this online contest to battle for the world best trick crown. This contest is managed by one of our media partners Ohlay Brand and for this 2023 edition we decided to give some support to this amazing contest and take part as a sponsor.


The numbers of the 2022 edition are just ridiculous, confirming Ohlay is the place to be if you want to follow and be involved in the scootering scene.

More than 100 million impressions, 64 million reach and more than 320.000 mentions in the official hashtag put this contest in the top online urban contests.

Last year the estonian rider and also gold medallist in the Andalucia Urban Scooter park Roomet Saalik took the win with a massive up rail backlip flair out. 

Such a deserved win by unanimous decision.

2023 edition it’s been launched this week and we love to see the first contender trick it’s the 900 flair performed by Jordan Clark in the Fernando Park Battle during Extreme Barcelona 2023 three weeks ago. Jordan won the Park Battle, will also win the trick of the year? 

Just follow the contest on Ohlay Instagram account

Have fun and good luck to all the contenders ❤