Tampa Pro 2024 begins celebrating 30 years of the Spot

  • The Japanese Yuto Horigome wins the first test of the Tampa Pro 2024 in Florida

The biggest competition in the history of skateboarding begins with the celebration of the spot’s 30th anniversary. The Tampa Pro circuit brings the best skaters in the world who compete in the Tampa skatepark, Florida. Presented by Monster Energy and Cariuma, they organize one of the most anticipated events that celebrates skateboarding in a different way: “a family skate gathering with a barbecue atmosphere,” according to Brian Schaefer.

Last year’s winner, Yuto Horigome, won the competition with a round in the finals alongside Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler and American Jake Ilardi. Other legendary skaters who were present in the final were some like Ryan Decenzo, Micky Papa or Shane O’Neill. Yuto, winner of the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2020 in Street, is one of the favorites to repeat the victory on the Tampa Pro circuit, as he has already demonstrated in this first test.

Congratulations Yuto, let’s continue giving a show!