Street Clash lands in France for it’s second edition

  • A new edition of the Street Clash starts with the QUARTERFINALS OF best 8 athletes of the current scooter scene

  • The battle of legends in the most emblematic spots of Lyon will be published in our official YouTube channel


The second edition of the online contest of the official Urban World Series youtube channel is here. The 8 best street scooter athletes will battle head to head in a Quarterfinal elimination, something not to be missed, as the participants are Matis Neyround, Guifré Obradors, Jonathan Perroni, Roomet Saalik, Lucas Dimeglio, David Senkyr, Joel Ingold and Indy Clayson.

The athletes will play a game of S.C.O.O.T. in some of Lyon‘s iconic locations. This game consists of one athlete performing a trick on the spot of his choice. It can be air, gap, grind, balance, combo,…) and the opposing athlete has two attempts to replicate it. If he fails, he will win a letter of the word C.L.A.S.H. Whoever completes the word first, loses. At each round, the turn of whoever does the trick and whoever recreates it will be swapped. Also, riders must alternate the spot. They cannot stay all the contest in the same feature. They are able to repeat a feature during the battle but it’s not allowed to stay the whole battle trying tricks in the same spot.

3 different spots from Lyon will be the court where athletes will fight for the win in their head to head battles. The 4 Quarterfinals are at the Ghetto Spot, the 2 semifinals at La Doua and the final at Foch.

Don’t miss the official Street Clash 2023 teaser and get ready for the first Quarterfinal this Friday 14th on the Urban World Series youtube channel, it will be legendary.