Is skateboarding losing its soul?

  • Legendary Pro Skateboarder Paul Rodriguez gives a spicy opinion on skateboarding today.

  • Is skateboarding losing its soul?

“I see some people skating, just skating,  and they don’t have any soul…  somebody told me “you have to learn thye hardest trick”, they do the hardest trick: flip in, flp out, flip in… like a robot, but you don’t have like learning, like… where’s

Is like music, a soul, there’s a feeling, is not about, like who can play the best on guitar…

Like 5 kickflips, f*cking 7 kickflips out, like oh my god, is never ending… sure is never been done, but looks like a f*cking as*hole, looks like ass.”

Paul Rodriguez, also known as PRod, is an American professional skateboarder that has won a total of eight medals at the X Games, four of them gold and have some legendary video parts as “In Bloom”, “Yeah Right” or “Nothing but the truth”.

Transworld SKATEboarding selected Rodriguez for the thirtieth position of its “30 Most Influential Skaters of All Time” list, released in December 2011.

What do you think? Is skateboarding losing its soul?

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