The young promises of skateboarding debut at the first Rookie Fest in Lanzarote

  • Last weekend of April 26-28, Lanzarote celebrated the rookie fest for the first time in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands
  • Young promises of international skateboarding have demonstrated their talent in the Extreme Center indoor skatepark

The 2024 season has begun for the youngest skaters on the international scene with the first event of the World Rookie Tour. Lanzarote celebrated this weekend and for the first time, the Rookie Fest, in the recently renovated Extreme Center indoor. Two days in which the skaters have demonstrated their best tricks and rounds in an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration of everyone’s talent.

The categories for the event were: Rookie, born between 2005 and 2008, and Groms, the youngest, born from 2009 onwards. Motivated by a grand prize, an invitation to participate in the grand finale of one of the most famous tours. For all skaters, the Mystic Cup at the Mystic Skatepark in Prague, next October.

Abbie Burns, the island’s local Englishwoman, won in the best girl category and Groms with a spectacular round in which she landed some good tricks, especially on the rails, ending with a textbook frontside boardslide kickflip on the railing. Closely followed by Emma Elisa and Laia Bonet. In Rookie Girls, Lina Sevčnika took the prize under her arm, silver for Paula Jorge Simón and bronze for Noa Gonzalez.

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The Belgian Beau Brunclair took the victory as best boy and overall, followed by the Galician Luis Cabarcos and the other Belgian competitor, Noah De Jaeger, one of the young talents with the most style and future on the international scene. Brunclair came out with tricks like a backside 270 lipslide on the rail and a bigspin kickflip frontside boardslide on the big rail.

Congratulations everyone, you’re the future of Urban Sports!