Richard Tury “That’s I want: have fun and enjoy because I really love it. The rest of the things for me are the bonus.”

Richard Tury
  • Qualified for Paris 2024 in 9th place a true Urban World Series legend.
  • We talk with Slovakian skateboarding Olympic athlete and qualified for Paris 2024, Richard Tury: ‘Mr. Heelflip Master’!

Cristian Dedeu Van den Berg

Urban World Series Comm team – Social Media & Content Manager

Richard Tury
  • You’ll be in Paris 2024, congratulations!! How do you feel?

    Thank you very much guys. Yeah, it’s feel amazing because that process to making the cut for the  top 22 in the world for the Olympics, it feel really like crazy that I’m one of the athlete that I’m going for the Olympic and for sure it’s going to be really good experience of course lifetime experience. I’m happy for that and proud to represent my country at Paris 2024.

  • What has been the best and the worst thing about this road to Paris 2024?

    What’s your next goal?

    I think the best part of that qualification events was like to making the cut to semi-final or  final because then you can like enjoying that moment and nothing to loose and you can try go big. Make it there with the big names and trying to get it a crazy tricks in the finals thats feels good for me. I think this this one was like the best part of it. And the worst part  of it it was a really stressful because like we had too many competition and you never know if your line or tricks going to score you good or not good and if you going to have like a good point to making the cut or like the last events going to be like you need to make this place and this place because you need the points.  This was a worst part of that. 

Richard Tury
Bronze medalist in Extreme Barcelona 2022
  • You’re always on top, winning and getting a lot of podiums but maybe you are a bit underrated. What do you think? What is your point of view?

    I mean like so many people talking to me about this. I meet with so many people during the competiton andy they like sou are one of the best for us or We would like to give you more scores then you get. I’m looking on it in general, I think it’s all good. I’m just trying to having fun on my board because I love to skate and the rest of the thing if you like underdog in skateboarding industry or like one of the big names and had the best sponsors or the big names.  I mean for me, it’s about to having fun on my skateboard because I started to skate for fun and  I want to have fun and enjoy that  because I really love it. The rest of the think for me are the bonus.

  • You’re a real Urban World Series legend with a lot of medals in our events, silvers and bronze, but not gold!

    See you in September in Barcelona?

    Yes, I have a couple of them and I’m still missing the Gold one but  I think that’s the good motivation to coming back to Barcelona again and try to get it, you know. I think I’ll see you in September in Barcelona. I’m looking forward for it even because I have so much memories from there.

  • What would you say to the younger Richard who’s just starting in the Skateboarding World?

    I would say to myself, don’t strees out about things that you cannot influence just go with the flow as always.

  • Who’re your bigger inspirations? In Skateboarding, and also in Sport and life.

    I think is Nyjah Huston, Ryan Decenzo, Shaun White and my parents.

  • Fav trick? And a fav city to Skate?

    My favorite trick is Kickflip bs tailslide and fav city, Dubai.

Gin Woo

Thank you Richard, big hug!

See you soon in Urban World Series.