Natalia Muñoz and John DILo win the Queen and King of Macba 2024

queen of macba
  • U.S. John Di Lorenzo faced Adriel Parmisano in an epic final, for the books!

  • Spanish Natalia Muñoz defeated the Queen of Macba 2, Roose Zwetsloot.

Natalia Muñoz and JhonDilo win the Queen and King of Macba 2024 in two epic finals.

Macbalife and Berrics teamed up to celebrate one of the most anticipated events in skateboarding. Presented by Cariuma and by skater Bastien Salabanzi. 16 men and eight women battled in the square to reach the final and be crowned the king and queen of Macba. Facing a skate game in which any trick in the Macba spot counts. Whoever completed the word MACBA first was eliminated, and his opponent moved on to the next round.

In the knockout phases, which can be seen through the Berrics YouTube channel, we were able to see skaters such as Angelo Caro, Mauro Iglesias, Chase Webb, Adriel Parmisano, Cody Cepeda, Alex Amor, Kilian Zehnder, Roose Zwtsloot, Giovana Dias , Jechu Corvalán or Camila Ruiz. Incredible battles that have been followed in all parts of the world.

In the men’s final and sixth edition of King of Macba, the Argentine Adriel Parmisano arrived alongside John Di Lorenzo. Adriel, it was the second final that he played in, began the battle in one of the modules that he was best at throughout the game, the wooden picnic table. The level was very tight, and everything was decided in one last trick in the manual part in which John Dilo did a manual switch to kickflip that Adriel couldn’t complete.

In women, Natalia Muñoz participated for the first time in this third edition of Queen of Macba. She faced Roose Zwetsloot, the Dutchwoman who reached the final for the second consecutive time. Natalia started the battle dominating and ended up winning with a 360 flip jumping from the bottom handlebar. Natalia, who was second in the 2022 Extreme Barcelona, is competing in the World Skate Tour events and is qualified for the Paris Olympic Games in Street category.

Congratulations to all the riders, we have enjoyed  alot in all the battles!