Mathias Island Takes the Crown as Inaugural Scootception Champion!

– Norwegian Pro Rider Dominates Urban World Series Online Scooter Competition

– Spectacular Tricks and Impeccable Style Secures Victory

In a thrilling display of skill and style, Mathias Island has emerged as the first-ever champion of Scootception, the latest addition to the Urban World Series online scooter competition lineup. Hailing from Norway and a professional rider for Skatepro, Mathias Island’s incredible performance wowed both judges and fans alike, earning him the prestigious title.

Island’s championship-winning run was nothing short of spectacular, featuring a barrage of jaw-dropping tricks executed with precision and flair. From the mind-boggling Over 50 to 360 Barspin to the mind-bending double Throw Bar Manual and the awe-inspiring Bar Frontside Hurricane to Frontside Halfcab Fullheel, spectators were left in disbelief by the sheer audacity and skill on display.

The secret to Mathias Island’s success lay in his unique style and the cleanliness of his tricks, which resonated deeply with the judges and the audience. It was evident that his dedication and hard work had paid off, as he left a trail of mesmerized fans in his wake.

For those curious about Mathias Island’s victorious journey, a process video and firing line showcasing his incredible performance are available for viewing.

These visuals provide a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous preparation that goes into achieving such excellence and why he was unanimously voted the champion by the judges, Pol Roman and Ruben Rodriguez, as well as the enthusiastic audience through fan voting.

Scootception, introduced by the Urban World Series as a new and thrilling competitive scootering format, featured eight talented athletes riding solo in the same park. With a 100-minute time cap, each rider aimed to craft their ultimate line, with run lengths spanning between a minimum of 45 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds. The competition took place at the recently constructed Dosrius skatepark, a quaint village located just 45 minutes from the vibrant city of Barcelona, designed by Vulcano Skateparks.

It’s a resounding congratulations to Mathias Island for his remarkable achievement, proving himself as the inaugural Scootception champion and solidifying his status as a dominant force in the world of professional scootering.

Congratulations Mathias!

And thanks to Scootception 2023 sponsors: Centrano Distribution, Native Scooters, Proto Scooters, North Scooters, Drone Scooters, Hella Grip and SkatePro