Extreme Barcelona will host the 2024 Freestyle Trampoline World Championships

  • The world’s only Freestyle Trampoline competition lands in Barcelona next September 13-15 to crown the 2024 World Champion.
  • Extreme Barcelona adds a new World Championship in their 15 years of competition history.

Urban World Series includes Freestyle Trampoline in the 2024 Extreme Barcelona event as the latest new official action sport. From the 13th to the 15th September the top trampoline athletes will meet in Parc del Fòrum to compete for the FTA World Championships.

Extreme Barcelona it’s been including many freestyle related sports and some World Championships during the 14th years of history and for its 15th anniversary is time to bring to the Barcelona spectators a unique and spectacular show.

1 competition field: the trampoline and three pillars: Difficulty, execution and creativity. The freestyle sport of trampoline demands a lot of technique, a lot of resilience, a creativity element and years of training.

Athletes from more than 15 countries will show how to perform a stunning routine in the trampoline and an international team of judges will collide in the Parc del Fòrum with one main goal: crown the 2024 World Champions.

From the Urban World Series we are very happy to include a new sport in one of our flagship events such as Extreme Barcelona even more if it is the pinnacle event of the year for this community of freestyle trampoline athletes. We strongly believe that the format and sporting essence of the FTA World Championships fits with the rest of the urban sports we offer at our event and that the spectators in Barcelona will enjoy the world’s best freestyle trampoline athletes’ performances. Toni Alvarez – Urban World Series Sports Manager

The FTA World Championships are landing in Barcelona for the first time ever due to an agreement between Urban World Series and the Freestyle Trampoline association. The Freestyle Trampoline Association is an organization of like-minded individuals and athletes in the trampoline industry who embrace the Freestyle element of sports. 

Traditional Trampoline has been around since the 1940’s with the first World Championships in 1964. Since then, trampoline has had its ups and downs, but was accepted into the Olympics in 2000 thanks to the efforts of people like George Nissen, the inventor of the modern day trampoline. Freestyle Trampoline focuses on the wider spectrum of skills that are physically possible and includes not just difficult skills, but creativity as well.

“We are very excited to be welcomed into the action sports family with Extreme Barcelona, as we feel it is a perfect fit for this event and to showcase the outstanding talents of our young athletes and past Champions.” – Greg Roe, FTA Co-Founder, President.

“We know the audience will love to watch the incredible flips and twists, up to quads and even quints (5 flips) on our custom EUROTRAMP™ stage. Watch as they amaze you with their daring skills. You won’t believe your eyes” – Trish McGeer, FTA Co-Founder, Global Head of Events.

Save the date: 13 to 15 September in the Parc del Fòrum. 

Trampoline Freestyle lands in the Extreme Barcelona 15th edition and for the third consecutive year the event will be free access.