Danny León and Naia Laso make history at the Dubai WST and move closer to Paris 2024

The Dubai WST comes to an end after the Street competition last weekend

· Danny León and Naia Laso, crowned as the best skateboarders in Park, winning at the Dubai WST in Park.

· Gavin Bottger, Victor Solmunde in men category, and Cocona Hiraki and Hasegawa Mizuho in women,  completed the podiums.

After an intense week of competition, Spanish athletes Danny León and Naia Laso made history at the 2024 Dubai WST stop. They both won the gold medal in the qualifier for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games! The event, part of the World Skate Tour (WST) in the Park modality, took place in Dubai on March 2 and 3.

Danny León, considered by many as one of the best skateboarders in the history of Spain, and multiple winner and medalist of the Urban World Series Extreme Barcelona, beat with his 90.13 his closest rival, the American Gavin Bottger, who got a 89.57. 

Danny has shown that hard work and the desire to represent yourcountry in the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024, can beat anything.

On the other hand, the young promise Naia Laso, with only 15 years old, blew the spectators and judges away with an impressive run, with an incredible score of 93.46. Backside 3 melon transfer, backside 5 over the corner, frontside lipslie and an epic kickflip indy, among others,  propelled her to the top of the podium.

Laso beat some of the favorites, such as Japan’s Hiraki Kokona and Hasegawa Mizuho, who completed the podium with the Spaniard. This great victory in Dubai propels Naia as one of the most outstanding athletes in women’s skateboarding at international level.

These victories are crucial for León and Laso on their way to overall qualification for Paris 2024. With their sights set on the final qualifying heats to be held in Shanghai, China, May 16-19, and Budapest, Hungary, June 20-23, both athletes are one step closer to securing their place at the world’s most prestigious sporting event.

Danny León and Naia Laso make history at the Dubai WST

A total of 44 athletes will qualify for the Olympic Games for skateboarding in Park, divided into 22 for the men’s and 22 for the women’s category.  This great success of Spanish skateboarding is a clear indication of the talent and passion that drives the athletes from a very young age, with facilities so far far far below other countries such as the United States, Japan or France.

Waiting for the update of the Olympic qualification ranking and the announcement of the qualifiers for the decisive phase by World Skate, Danny Leon and Naia Laso continue to prepare for the upcoming events.

Now it’s turn for Street category, starting this week.