Danny León, Daniela Terol and Naia Laso, ready to make history at the Paris 2024 Olympics

· Dubai prepares for the pre-Olympic Skateboarding qualifiers in Street and Park.
· Fourteen athletes summoned by the Royal Spanish Skating Federation will give their all in what will be one of the last chances to win the Olympic place.

Dubai is getting ready to welcome the best skateboarders in the world in a year that will mark history in the sports scene. Or at least, for all those urban athletes who can see a dream come true, to participate in the Olympic Games.

Paris 2024, after Tokyo 2020, will be the second time in history that the games will host skateboarding. All skaters have spent many months training and earning points to be part of this event, undoubtedly a before and after in the career of any athlete. An aspiration of which three riders of the Spanish national team are already part. Danny Leon, classified in the men’s ranking in the 16th position with 23,580 points. In the women’s ranking are classified Daniela Terol 14th with 35,579 and Naia Laso in tenth position with 61,567 points.

The Spanish coach Alain Goikoetxea, will accompany the athletes in the Street categories: Daniela Terol, Natalia Muñoz, Afrika Criado, Sara Larrañaga, Valentina Krauel and Gabriel Ferrero; and in Park: Danny León, Peio González, Alain Kortabitarte, Egoitz Bijueska, Naia Laso, Julia Benedetti, Gadea Moja and Ceci Rendueles.

From Urban World Series we are fortunate to have many of them year after year in our events. We have seen them practically born, grow and evolve. Skateboarding stars like Daniela Terol, winner of Extreme Barcelona 2018 and 2023 and Madrid Urban Sports 2022. Danny León, champion Extreme Barcelona 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2nd in 2020. Natalia Muñoz, silver in Extreme Barcelona 2022. Others like Peio González and Naia Laso who took the Spanish Bowl Championship in MUS 2022 along with Afrika Criado who won silver in Street and Sara Larrañaga bronze, and Valentina Krauel who was bronze in MUS 2023.

This World Skate Tour event in Dubai will be the last of the first round of Olympic qualification. The qualifiers of this event will have access to the final phase, competing in the cities of Shanghai in May and Budapest in June. In which there will be two other opportunities to complement the Spanish team for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Forty-four skaters per modality, twenty-two men and twenty-two women, will complement the Olympic representation in the search for the precious Olympic medal.

For some of the representatives it will be the second performance in an Olympic Games, as the Galician Julia Benedetti and Danny León from Madrid, who competed in the Park discipline in Tokyo 2020, obtaining the seventeenth and ninth positions respectively.

From Urban World Series we want to wish good luck to all athletes!