Daniela Terol

· Qualified for the Olympic Qualifier Series and about to fulfill a dream in Paris 2024.

· One of the best Spanish skateboarding athletes in history.

Today we talk to Daniela Terol, one of the international skateboarding referents.

I go to class in the morning, go to the gym, have lunch and some days in the afternoon I also have class and then I go skating“, explains Daniela, who combines skateboarding with her studies at the high performance center in Sant Cugat: “Obviously, when you come back from competitions, it’s hard to go back to do all the syllabus or everything you missed“.

Daniela Terol

Skateboarding is in one of the highest moments and with more level in the world of competition. Especially for women, where we have seen how the level and number of participants has risen. On a national scale, there is a great female skateboarding team that stands out internationally and one of them is Daniela Terol. The Catalan skateboarder is currently among the 15 best in the world and is close to fulfilling a dream of participating in the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

The 22 best skaters in the world have reached the final qualifying rounds in Shanghai in May and Budapest in June. Daniela Terol, winner of EB 2018 and 2023, MUS 2022 and Spanish champion of Street 2023 explains: “There are still two competitions that are more or less the ones that will define everything, Shanghai and Budapest, depending on how I do in those competitions I will know if I am qualified for the games“.

Daniela Terol sees the Olympic Games in Paris as her big goal and for which she is training every day: “I’m excited, but at the same time I respect it“. Although the international World Skate events are the most important, she also enjoys participating in other events: “I really like to go to Urban World Series events, every time they take place in Barcelona I’m always excited. My family comes to see me, my uncles, my grandmothers and I like that a lot”, explains Daniela about her experience in Extreme  Barcelona and MUS.

Daniela Terol

Daniela has excelled in Urban events since she was very young. At the age of 9 she already won her first Extreme Barcelona, the beginning of a promising career as it has been confirmed in the following years.

It gives me a lot of motivation to be skating with people that I always see in the videos and that have a high level“, she explains about sharing the circuit with references she has had since she started competing: “I’ve always liked to compete with all the Japanese girls“. Some of her references are Yumeka Oda, Momiji Nishiya and Rayssa Leal.

We wish Daniela the best of luck for the Olympic qualification and hope to see her in Paris 2024 with a lot of strength!