“Building a Dream” Released the first ever urban World Series Documentary

– Urban World Series took part in the process to build on of the biggest street rails in Barcelona

– UWS collaborated with some of the legendary scootering characters to bring you the first documentary movie


“Barcelona has been for many years the European Skateboarding capital. A city with a perfect combination of great weather, beautiful architecture and immaculate vibes. Over the years this concept of BArcelona has a skating city has been transmitted to other modalities such as bmx, rollerblading and scootering making the city as an international hub for all action sports.

This small documentary aims to get voice to some of the main characters in the Barcelona scootering Scene and their intentions to keep pushing the scene. Welcome to BUILDING A DREAM: THE RAIL

It’s released and we are very happy to bring you our first ever documentary, it’s being a long process till we started with the idea of making a real movie about the scootering history in Europe and in Barcelona. Our city is one of the main places to practice this sport and historically there’s a huge community here.

This documentary is based in the story of a rail. A real rail which noe remains forever in a sport and all the riders can skate and enjoy. Is something that urban World Series was looking for, bring some legacy to the city of Barcelona and Quim Castells had a plan. So we did it.

Here you have the documentary so bring some popcorns and enjoy.

Thanks to all the people who made possible this documentary: Quim Castells, Toni Alvarez, Matteo Mencuccini, Javi Trepat, Auguste Pellaud, Didine Terchage and many more.

And thanks to all the people like you for making urban sports great like never before ❤