Breaking Capitals, the new Breaking Capitals online competition


Breaking Capitals is born, the most spectacular online Breaking competition of the moment: 4 Bboys and 4 Bgirls will face each other in  2 vs 2 team battles in a new version of the B.R.E.A.K game with some handicaps that will make the battles much more exciting.

Lil Danni, Poter, Rooty, Jhonny Fox, Meri Berry, Lola, Law and Stefani are the Bboys and Bgirls that form the first lineup of of  Breaking Capitals, supervised by the Staff: Kadoer, Sweet Lu and Masta as judges, MG as MC and Godzi in charge of the music.





A unique competition format where each couple will have one minute to demonstrate their best dance moves with some of the handicaps that the roulette of misfortune brings, as crazy as: dancing blindfolded, without hands, without music or to the luck of the DJ…..

The judges will give their verdict at the end of each battle by selecting one team as the winner.

The losing team will add one letter to their counter, the first team to complete the word B.R.E.A.K will be the loser of the round.

3.000€ prize pool, impossible break steps and crazy handicaps await in the first edition of breaking capitals.

Which team will win the first edition?