BMX On A Mission: The kings are crowned

  • Casey Starling wins best rider award and Nicolás Peña is the best filmer 

  • Garret Reynolds, Peter Adam and your votes have decided the winners of the 4000€ total prize purse

We are proud to announce the winners of our latest competition added to the Urban World Series calendar.
BMX: On A Mission is an online competition based on 1 minute video parts where not only athletes are awarded, also filmers are a big part of the contest, as they are inside the urban sports community.
As we said, we are going to give the winners a 4.000€ total prize purse, and this prize pool is  divided into two big prizes: 2.000€ prize for the Best Rider, Casey Starling from Texas, U.S.:
And 2.000€ for the Best Filmer: Nicolás Peña, from Argentina, who did an amazing job behind the lenses and on the computer for Oriol Inglada’s video part:
For this contest we had two big names as the main judges of the competition: 
Garret Reynolds and Peter Adam, and also, as you know very well, your votes were the third judge, as Fan voting was the 33% of the final scores.
Urban World Series is adding this contest to support and grow the BMX street scene and add new competitive content into the calendar. Street BMx is going to be one of the main sports in the future years inside the Urban World Series strategy and this is a small step forward.
You can  watch all the video parts and get hyped for your next sesh, here.
But this is not the end, DIG Best trick award is coming this week on DIG’s Instagram, from December 14 to 20, and the most voted will get 500€..
Thanks again and congratulations to the full BMX: ON A MISSION line-up, riders and filmers! You all killed it:


  • Devon Smillie / Eddie Cuellar

  • Casey Starling / Will Chappell

  • Alex Kennedy / Tonash Goodyear

  • Fernando Lackzo / Finn Maurer

  • Grant Yoobie / Trent Lutzke

  • Oriol Inglada / Nicolás Peña

  • Santiago Laverde / Giacomo Di Carlo


This contest is supported by our two sponsors CULT and The Cut. Thanks a lot for believing in our project and making it possible.

Also DIG is the official media partner. We are proud to collaborate with the main BMX magazine in the world.

We hope you enjoyed this new contest.

See you in the streets!